Relation Zammad & Znuny – is Zammad the future of Znuny?


I’d like to ask about the future of Zammad and Znuny.
the executive director of the Zammad GmbH is Martin Edenhofer, who’s inventor of OTRS… and he’s also executive director of the Znuny GmbH. So, the companies that are committed to developing the systems together with the community are led by one person.
Actually, I thought that a Znuny is a transition until Zammad has similar functions. But since new features are still being developed for Znuny, maybe they are intended to target different groups, so Zammad won’t get similar features in the future?

I hope it doesn’t sound rude, I would just like to know what’s the future and if Zammad gets similar functionality :slight_smile:

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Zammad GmbH and Znuny GmbH are two completely indepentend companies with different workers and products. All though both companies aim at helpdesk software they technically compete.

That’s all I can tell. :slight_smile:

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Ok… thank you!
Have a nice Sunday.

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