Rebase PGP Support from CDR Link fork

PGP Suppoprt for zammad has been discussed quite extensivly already. As the Issue on Github is locked Im writing here.
I noticed that CDR Link a project that build upon zammad and adds Signal and WhatsApp integration also supports PGP. I didn’t looked through the code but maybe their work could be rebased to zammad? @thorsteneckel
CDR Link Gitlab: Center for Digital Resilience / Link / docker-zammad · GitLab

Thorsten is no longer working at Zammad. Directly mentioning Zammad members has no effect and will not speed up answers. It’s kinda rude trying to sneak in “first”.

We’re not rebasing on other repositories. PR’s are welcome but that’s it.

Hey @MrGeneration thank you for your answer. I’m sorry if my post was rude. I only mentioned him because he said people are welcome to do so when he closed the issue here: PGP · Issue #220 · zammad/zammad · GitHub

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