Question to the Community - How do you bill ticketed time?


I would be interested in your workflow to make a bill out of the Time Accounting.
At the moment, we have an overview “Tickets to Bill”. This Overview is copied into a bill we create in lexoffice. After that, the Tickets are marked as “Billed: yes” so that they disappear from the overview, that only displays tickets that have the manual option “billed: no” set. You can also set “billed” to “unbillable”, so that the ticket won’t appear in the overview.

That workflow has a lot of disadvantage.
First of all, you can only set whole tickets billable or not billable. You can’t do anything not billable in a ticket that is billable.

Also, only closed Tickets are billable, to avoid double billing. That means, if you open a ticket in January, it becomes a bigger project that ends in May, the customer will get an invoice in may.

If there is something additional to do after that, you have to open a new ticket.

With the latest Updates, the “Time Accounting” Feature has its own overview with nice exports. I see the total Time and the monthly billed time, I can see if the Time is billable or not with every step.

This is great !

BUT: If I cannot bill all the tickets of the last month, for example, there is some discussion needed or I just started 5 Min at the last day of Month and dont want to write an invoice, I have to note that down anywhere. I will probably forget that one invoice that I could not finish.

I cannot mark the accounted time being billed anywhere. So I will have no overview: Did anyone make an invoice out of that?

A solution would be an API hooked ERP, that automatically generates Invoices or, better, delivery nots every month out of the accounted time in Zammad. So I have an overview there and can finish the Invoices manually.

So I am very interested in how you make an invoice out of your accounted time.