Possible workflow to send SMS to customers

Hi there,

while fiddling around with an SMS-Integration (send-only) for my cloud pbx, i was wondering if there was no way to send an SMS to customers, who did not have send a sms first. There are some older threads, where this behaviour and the background to this are described. Because i dont wanted to dive deep into the source code, i’ve looked for a way to do this with the on-board ressources.

To send a SMS to a customer, you need a macro and a trigger, who is reaction to the macro.


Create a macro, lets call it “Send SMS” with the following actions:

“Tags” → “add” → “send sms”
optional: “State” → “open” or whatever you need

Then create a trigger with the following options:

“Action” → “is” → “updated”
“Tags” → “contains one” → “send sms”

Choose “Notification”->“SMS”
Recipient “Customer”
Body “#{article.body}”

Second Action
“Tags” → “remove” → “send sms”

To send a notification SMS, the customers mobile field have to be filled with a (mobile)phone number.

The trigger looks for the last article, that is posted to the ticket and sends the article body to the customer. There is no need to set the article to “public”, but you can create an optional condition, that the trigger is working only for public articles, if you want.

Unlike the internal “send SMS”-feature, there is no character counting (for the 160 chars-limit) within the ticket article, so be careful when writing long texts. Some providers may allow long sms for the cost of extra sms.