Possible to add hyperlinks in ticket replies?

Hi community,

Just getting used to Zammad, it looks wonderful and very advanced.

I’m asking here because it seems an obvious feature that I’m missing. I don’t find how agents can enter a hyperlink in a response to a customer. There are these different shortcuts, but none (including the typical ctrl+k) allow adding a link.


Copying a link from an external webpage works, but that’s not convenient IMHO for agents.

Is it considered bad practice to offer a link in a response, as opposed to a full (ugly) URL?

I couldn’t find anything on the documentation nor this forum.
I’m fine with a macro, text module or similar solution.

Much appreciated,

No this is not possible since Zammad doesn’t have a real text editor yet. The way you already found by copy & pasting from e.g. Word or a website is the only way at the moment. If you always have the same links you need to send to customers you can use the text modules feature for this. Just add a textmodule with a fitting name the agents can remember and as content you copy and paste your prepared link from e.g. Word. The agents can use the textmodule by typing ::name-of-the-textmodule and it will insert the working link.


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