Possibility to modify a ticket date and time

Hello guys!

I have been using Zammad for a little while and i find it amazing!! It seems easy to use and i’d love to keep on going with it.
This is my situation: I work on my own and i am not always sitting at my pc or in a position to just insert a ticket and all; especially when a customer calls me. For this reason when i get beck to the office i open the ticket and that’s it. Sometimes though i am out for like half a day to work on some customer’s issues. I’d love to be able to insert ticket the next day but choose yesterday as the date of the call.

Is it possible to do it?
Thank you in advance

Why not ask your customer to send you a quick note via email with the question/information and create their own ticket? :thinking:

This is what i am trying to achieve but most of them they just won’t do it because:“why do you want me to send you an email when i can call you and you just do the job?”… that is basically the reason why i am asking if it would be possible to kind of “expand” the ticket creation UI so that i can specify the ticket date.

Zammad doesn’t allow to manipulate creation dates.
This goes against the principle of historical correctness. While it might be correct in your use case, it’s not for most of the others.

What you can do is create a custom date object to fill in your own dates. However, it will not have any effect on how Zammad tickets work and are displayed.

If that would be an option, our documentation might help you further:

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