Platform strategy?

We’ve been happily using Zammad for a while now to power our help desk, so thanks for it. We really like your open model, Docker deployment, etc.

I’d like to understand a bit more about how you guys see the bigger picture.

At first I was only thinking about help desk versus bug tracking (and whether Zammad could cover both).

But now, I’m also wondering about marketing and sales:

  • Zendesk started with a help desk, and expanded into marketing (with their Connect product), and most recently sales (with their Sell product), with these using a common customer model (called Sunshine)

  • Hubspot started with marketing and sales, then moved into service. Again, all sharing a model of the customer.

For us, one product/platform to rule these 3 domains (ie marketing, sales, service) is powerful. Even better if we can cover bug tracking as well.

Does Zammad have ambitions to move beyond customer service, and if so, how?

Right now, loose coupling via the user/organization/group APIs seems the way to integrate with Zammad?

Please forgive me if this is all explained somewhere else :slight_smile:

thanks Jason

Hi Jason,

thanks for you kind feedback - we really appreciate it. Zammad will only cover ticketing and helpdesk. There are various products out there that are more suitable for marketing and sales. Our goal for Zammad is to be the most perfect and feature complete ticketing system and nothing else :slight_smile: However, we’re planning strong integrations for all those other marketing/sales/crm/etc. tools out there. This might take some time because our focus is currently on the knowledge base but we’d be interested in what marketing/sales tool you use or prefer.


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