Overview Roles and Users selection

Hello again friends! It’s been a while.

I’m writing this topic in response to this old issue (2714) from Github.

I think that this implementation of overview visibility is really odd and unintuitive to work with. I’d really like to change this, and I’ve been using a local patch in our source at the office for quite some time now, but reapplying this at every update isn’t ideal.

I’m just curious, what kind of backward compatibility would be required to, at the very least, get a PR merged? I’m happy to write a migration which converts existing overviews to the new format (a set union of role users and specified users, rather than an intersection) so that current users are not effected until they need to create a new overview. I’m also happy to implement a ‘switch’ function in the admin interface that is able to switch overviews between the ‘union’ and ‘intersection’ methods.

@thorsteneckel Sorry, I forgot to mention you in the original post!

Hey @fleverest - sorry for my late reply. We’re pretty busy with the preparation of the 4.0 release and I don’t have the resources to dig into the topic right now. I will get back to you when 4.0 is ready - promised :v:

Hi @fleverest - sorry for my late response. I finally found the time to have a look and review the issue and your post. From what I know there are no/not many questions or issues with this behaviour. While we agree that it may be confusing or not suitable for some installations this is the best we can come up with so far. We currently lack the UX knowledge / resources to come up with a better solution. Therefore I’d prefer to postpone changes to this view till we have the resources and/or rework the bad UX areas in general.
I see that re-applying the patch is cumbersome. Have you thought about building an addon that can easily updated/re-installed after each update (if required at all)?