Orginizing devices (equipment)

Hi, i’ve just installed Zammad and it looks promising. It’s well documented, has great community, a lot of features and integrations out of the box. And it’s my first helpdesk i want to run in production )

At that moment i have only one question in my mind - how do i add equipment?

Let’s say i would like to provide support to user, and it’s a device related issue. I want user to be able to select type of the device and even it’s serial number or any other id it has. Or even better - a selection should be limited to devices that belong to users department or organisation.

From docs i see an option to integrate Zammad with i-doit. Not sure if it is a good solution for a small number of devices.

  • Are there any other options i could try to?
  • What would you recommend, what do you use in your case?

ok ok, i see. It’s really FAQ. Every 1 of 10 asks the same question for every helpdesk.
The short answer - use asset management system. I would try snipe it or our ERP. Do not know how to integrate it yet, but there should be some way.

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