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Dear Zammad Team,

I’m not an active zammad user at the moment, although I’m currently evaluating it.

I’ve stumbled over this page:

I’m not sure how to interpret this. Are these features that are available for the paid version only?
There is this statement:

  • Mit den neuen Business-Features wird Zammad nun erwachsen. Testen Sie kostenlos für 30 Tage.

Which translates to something like:

  • These are the new business features. Test for free for 30 days

So I guess I’ll have to pay in order to get these features permanently. Do don’t I?

Thanks + best regards, Uli

Hi, is a service provided by Zammad GmbH. It’s a product built upon the open source software that you get from You pay for the service, not for the software licence.

That’s fair, isn’t it?

“LDAP Integration” is one of the features mentioned as “Business-Features”. Here you’ll find the source for that (or a part thereof):


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Hi Ingo,

thanks a lot for taking the time to respond and to explain the situation. Is running on the sources available via or is there some additional “magic sauce” o

I remember owncloud a couple of months ago. They used to provide the sources, but they also had enterprise features for which they didn’t provide the sources. Now we have nextcloud. They provide the sources of all parts (I assume).

Is zammad organized more like owncloud or nextcloud?

Note: I’m not complaining nor suggesting that any of these models might be unfair to users of the software. In the end, I can use it without paying and I do understand that the developers need to make a living as well.

Thanks a lot and best regards, Uli

Hi @uli-heller !

Great to see that you are interested in using Zammad. We over here at Zammad totally understand your concerns regarding Software that proclaims “Open Source” but keeps features exclusive for paying customers. Zammad is different. You get all or nothing. All functionality is completely Open Source. In your comparison we are the “nextcloud”. Note that I don’t know their business model.

So if you need a qualified service partner that ensures your Zammad is always up and running we are the droids you are looking for. But that is only for the service. The software is and will be Open Source. Actually this is why the Zammad Foundation is the owner of the source code and not the Zammad GmbH.

Hope that made things more clear.



Thanks a lot. For me, that’s the best possible setup. So it makes perfect sense to continue with my evaluation.

Best regards, Uli

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