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I am quite new to Zammad but I really love it! :slight_smile: It is so great what is possible with this awesome tool.

I am now wondering how the optimal process could look like for onboarding of new employees. If a new employee joins the company a lot of things need to be prepared. F.e. AD-Account, Mail-Address, Phone-Number, Hardware, etc. Sometimes these things depend from others and are done by other agents.

How do you do this? What are your ideas to get best process?

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend!

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Hi @bernhardk

I guess that every company has its own workflows…
With that said, there are these articles for your perusal:



Hi Martin (@rsysadmin),

thanks for your response and the link. I already know that features. So my question is less about the features of Zammad and more about how you use them in this specical case.

Sure, you can mention a colleague and tell him what needs to be done, but then you do not see what tasks within this ticket are still open and what is already done. And reading the whole ticket everytime is a lot work.

If it is good practise to create a child ticket for each sub-task? I don’t know…

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Hi Bernhard,

as I said, each company has their own workflows… so your question is quite generic and tricky to reply to…

In our particular case, HR raises a ticket with all the needed actions (e.g: create user, create email address, enable access token, create a development VM, etc), and it bounces back and forth among Agents until all the tasks are completed.

To keep track of what has been done we add notes before forwarding the ticket to the next Agent who will carry out some actions. Whenever the ticket owner or status are changed (e.g. “closed”), HR gets notified by email so they know who to address when needed.

So far we have not seen the need to create child tickets (split function) and the approach works pretty well…

When you create a child ticket, its parent is referenced so you can also keep track of all actions.

Choose your poison :slight_smile:


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