Notification Types

Zammad 3.4

I need the full list for integrating notification rest api. The rest API returns type_lookup_id.
Which Ruby File / db table should I refer to to get the Notification types against type_lookup_id?

Like -
6 - (probably) Escalasion
3 - Ticket Created


Found it in the type_lookup db table.
But I cannot yet find the type_lookup_id for escalation cases.
Are these (escalation and deescalation) same as switch to and ended switch to (type 4 and 5)?


I’m not a developer and can’t directly answer your question.
My guess currently is that you’re turning into the wrong corner here.

The “escalated” state actually is no existing state, more of a virtual thing.
It get’s renamed in the UI - you can find the part of the UI here:

Technically, to find current escalated tickets, the application runs the following query:

Not sure what your goal is, but I currently think you’ll need the workaround via a ticket search.


Your inputs are much appreciated. I was indeed looking in the wrong direction. I have worked it out in a different way and what I needed is working.

I will mark this request as solved now.