Need tips for the setup


I first describe the structure of my department and then come to what I actually want. That hopefully makes it easier to understand.

My department is divided into 3 different locations (e.g. NewYork, Berlin, Paris). In the locations there are different groups (e.g. network technician, hardware specialist, printer).
The locations work for their customer area, but also often together.

Tickets must therefore be visible to every agent from every location.

Now to what I want:

If I create a ticket for e.g. the group “Printer” you should be able to select in the ticket for which location it is (works when i add a new field).
But now the agent should be able to choose himself that he only receives a mail or notification for e.g. location Berlin, group printer.

Unfortunately, I can currently only set notifications for groups, but not for other things. Maybe there is a trick?

for visible to all agent the ticket in every location you can create overviews and add all agent you want to view the tickets

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