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we are moved from OTRS6 to Zammad and we love it. All of the team like the new ticket system. Thanks for the nice work! :+1:

In OTRS we had a custom navigation to our tools (e.g. password safe, printer management webinterface, intranet…)

Is there and possibility to edit the navigation?
Or better: I want add some tiles to the bottom of the dashboard. It‘s possible to edit the Dashboard and bring some links to the page?

I would create a simple plugin but I can‘t find any documentation.

Thanks in advance!

I’m afraid we don’t have a real development documentation as of now.
That’s still a todo.

However, you can find a good starting point in this thread:

I know that there’s another thread in the development category too that could be helpful, but am not able to find it quickly - sorry.

Technically yes, you could adjust Zammads files to add further navigations etc, however, this step is not update save and may lead to other issues.

I hope above helps for a starting point.

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