Multiple Support Departments in Zammad


I have an organizational question.

I work in a relatively big company with multiple support divisions supporting different products.
Now that I introduced Zammad in my departments, other departments are thinking about zammad.

Some of the other departments are sharing customers with us.
Other departments are completely separate.

What would be the best way to do that.

Should we get the sharing department in our instance or create a new zammad instance for them.
For the separated department, should there be another instance or a complete new zammad installation.

What is the advantage of an instance against a separate zammad installation (besides sharing ressources)?

Thanks for your help!

The biggest advantage is to just move a ticket into the other department instead of forwarding it to another Zammad installation. This will have all information attached to this ticket. Big plus.

But: Performance might strike when you have too many concurrent agents. (again: might).

You can go down both roads.
The main question you have to answer for your company is “Do I really want seperated departments to share customer information?”.

If above gets answered with no, you have to stick with seperate isntallations.
If the answer is “doesn’t matter” or “yes”, you’re good to go.

Both ways should work. But of course, if you seperate installations you’ll have more administrative work. If things go bad way more overhead and so on.

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Thank you very much!
This will help us thiinking in the right direction.

Is the a documentation how to configure instances?

If you mean on “how do I run several Zammads on the same system” : No.
Other than that: Zammad System Documentation — Zammad System Documentation documentation

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