Multiple LDAP Server

Dear Zammad Team,

i’ve installed the community version of your great product; actually I have a problem maybe you could help me.
There was a post in 2017 asking for a possibility to set more than one ldap server for synchronisation. Now in 2018 I wanted to know if that works? And when not, how could someone like me or any administrator in the future integrate more than one of their lovely ldap server?

Thank you for your feedback!

Best regards
Alessandro Palopoli

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Dear Zammad Team,
I’m also interested in that feature! Background: our users (agents) come all from internal AD, but we have all our customers in an Openldap-Adressbook outside the AD and it would be very nice to sync them to zammad…
Are there any plans to realize that?

There are no plans for a integration of this feature at the moment.
If this changes, we’ll update this topic accordingly.

If this is a feature you cannot live without, we can always provide a custom / sponsorship development.
This costs money, but will speed up things greatly for you.

If you’re interested, feel welcome to drop a mail to sales [at] zammad [dot] com

As far as I remember, @martini told my some month ago, that it is possible to configure multiple LDAP servers from the commandline, but not supported.

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