Multilingual attachment warning?

I’m currently browsing the GitHub issues and stumbled over . I hadn’t even realized yet that Zammad actually has missing attachment warnings - very nice! (Seems to be an undocumented feature though, I haven’t seen it mentioned in

It would be nice if this were a bit more configurable though (a similar thing was already requested in For example I usually like my user interfaces in English, but I’d write ticket replies mainly in German. But the attachment warning only works with the language you’re using in the user interface, so an English user interface wouldn’t warn about a missing “Anhang”, only about a missing “attachment”. I imagine that there are situations where Zammad agents will communicate in multiple languages with different customers (e.g. mainly in German with most customers, but in English with some international customers), so this might be useful for other people too.

A possible user interface might look like this:

Profile -> Language

== Language ==
Change your language: [English (United States)] [Submit]

== Attachment warnings ==
Zammad will issue a warning if you use a keyword that indicates that your ticket reply contains an attachment (e.g. "attachment" or "attached"), but you haven't actually attached anything. If you don't want this warning, or you want it to work with multiple languages, you can configure these languages here manually.

(*) English (United States)
( ) Manual configuration

|                            |
|                            |
[Add] [Remove]

The interface would default to attachment warnings for the language you’ve chosen above, e.g. in this case English. If you don’t want any attachment warnings at all, you’d change the selection to “Manual configuration” and leave the list empty. If you want attachment warnings for e.g. English and German, you’d change the selection to “Manual configuration” and then add English and German to that list.

(really low wishlist priority though)

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