Macros as buttons

Hello. Is it possible to make macros as buttons at the ticket footer?

Here I put custom AI button with Chrome plugin, but it would be nice to have some macros as fast action buttons here too (with icon set for better UI).

E.g. Live Agent has a bit to much buttons in ticket footer, but they simplify support a lot.

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I have tried to put custom macros buttons in footer using JS, but sending a click() event to original macro

  • element is not working and does nothing. So, if someone can tell me how to call macro using JS, then I’ll create a Chrome Plugin to display macros as buttons in the ticket footer. :+1:

  • I think you would need to rework these files:

    zammad/app/assets/javascripts/app/controllers/ticket_zoom/ at stable · zammad/zammad · GitHub
    zammad/app/assets/javascripts/app/views/ticket_zoom/ at stable · zammad/zammad · GitHub

    I think they are responsible to render the bottom bar. The macro code should be there as well.