Locked GitHub issues can't be voted on

I’m wondering how you prioritise GitHub issues since most of them are locked. I understand that you want to lock the issues to prevent comment spam, but this also prevents users from voting on this issue (via the tumb-up reaction). How do you collect impact information if your users/customers can’t tell you that they are also affected by an issue?

All locked issues will stay at the vote count that was reached when the issue was locked. But since then many other users might have wanted to vote, but couldn’t.

There is even the case of issue 1373 where @MrGeneration locked the issue and at the same time asked for votes via thumb-up reaction. This is not possible!

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@KoJie might be able to answer that question better than I can or will.

All I can add:
The text and comment is fairly old - I learned later that voting is not possible due to locking.
That surely is an issue but as people keep on bumping issues they kinda lock out everyone else. Sorry.

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