Live chat: Programmatically set name and tags

Right now, we’re automatically sending a message containing the username and additional information as a chat message once the chat connected event is triggered on the client side. This is better than nothing, but instead, we’d like to set the chat name and tags from the client side so that they can be used for searching for these chats on the Zammad site. Is there a websocket message for this purpose which I can use to set these fields from the client where the livechat is opened?

I suppose would do the trick? Is it ok to use this although it’s not documented?

Ok, apparently this message can only be used on Zammad itself, not by the embedded live chat. Would it be plausible to extend to allow setting name and tags from the client side? The code is already there, it would just have to be copied from chat_session_update. Or alternatively, would it be possible to call chat_session_update from the embedded live chat?