Let's talk about how *you* utilize Zammad core workflows

Hello everybody,

now that Zammad implemented and/or operators in version 5.4 I am wondering to what degree the Zammad core workflows could substitute our Znuny process tickets today. We’re currently using

  1. an approval process for stuff like requested company smartphones, printers ecetera and
  2. a process for new employees where a lot of account and permission work has to be done by multiple people in a specific order.

If anybody from this community build something compareable with the Zammad core workflows I would love to hear about it. Actually, I would love to read all kind of anecdotes and real world examples of how this community utilizes the Zammad core workflows on their job.

I have done nothing special with the and/or-feature, most workflows are to override some ui limitations* or to hide unneeded fields in specific forms or hide fields depending on earlier selections or group assignments.

*) The first workflow i have used, was to set first name as optional, if last name was given. (And vice versa)

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