Language / Region in Text Modules

In the admin documentation for text modules a tip is given when one needs mulitple languages or regions in their text modules (

If text modules are to be grouped, this can be done using shortcuts. Example country codes:

Text modules are created for the group Germany as follows:


for Austrian-Snippets:


thus only the relevant text modules are displayed for each country.

Can someone elaborate what is meant by shortcut and how a sample text modules in this situation would look like?

we have been facing the same / similar challenge as we have multiple languages to cover.

We decided to use the following approach:

  • Key (somehow short, easy to remember)
  • Language Code
  • Description in German (since 99% of our agents are nativ german speakers)

The result looks like this:


This approach works great so far since nobody needs to think about the content because he / she can read the preview in their native language.

About grouping: I do not know since at the moment we only have “general” and do not use others. Maybe you could share your experience?

BR wucherpfennig

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When talking about grouping and shortcuts we’re actually talking about the keyword field.
This may be a left over in the docs. This text module part is a bit older by now.

Reworking does take quite some time.

Here’s an example.
If you use the keyword “EN” for your language you can actually filter for all text modules that contain EN (heads up, it also looks within the title / name!) which allows you to see less modules.

You could also use the name for that. Like wuscherpfennig suggested. :slight_smile:


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