Is it possible to use Templates for Ticket Replies?

Hi, I wanted to ask, if it is possible to use the templates for customer not just while writing a new email but also if you reply to an email.

We have a lot of customer asking the same question and I couldn’t see the option to take a template with a standard phrase when I want to reply a customer.

Hi @Cassiopeia23

You might take a look at the text templates:

I think, that is what you are looking for. Just enter :: in your reply and you can choose your template.


Hi thanks for the fast reply. I already checked it out and it’s a good workaround.
Would be better to have a better overview because we have 50 Templates but with the search it’s ok.

I’m a little bit spoiled here from freshdesk where it looks like this:

You can restrict text modules to specific groups if applicable. That helps your overview a lot.
If the look and feel of text modules is not the best in your opinion, please create a feature request on this forum with suggestions on how to improve.

Hi, didn’t know that and just tried it. Awesome Feature, really makes it a lot better with the overview.

Thank you very much for this trick :wink:

Is the documentation unclear or confusing?
What could we do better?

Apart from removing the docs I mean.

The Documentation is perfect. But when you come from another Ticketsystem like Freshdesk, u are used to look for template rather than for text modules.

So I should have read and research better before writing here.
Failure on my side :grimacing:


You might also include Knowledge-Articles while entering ?? Instead of ::

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