Integration Options for RMM

I came across this package and have to say the feature set and functionality is amazing! The docker repo provided went up no issues and I was able to demo the software within minutes.

I do have questions relating to integrations and packages. I did alot of digging in the forums and the source code and have a general idea of how to make a package and were I would put the code. It appears that I can create separate files for route, controllers, models, assets, etc. Then just include those extra files in a szpm package.

I am wondering if my ideas are too ambitious though. What I would like to attempt is having a single pane of glass for the helpdesk and rmm. Basically just have Devices and Alerts show up as separate side-bar items. Then I was thinking about creating a channel for tickets opened from alerts. I would also like to integrate into elastic search and just use the same includes from the tickets_controller.

For the data, I was trying to decide if I should do a shared DB approach, or call the REST endpoints on the other side.

Do you think this is doable? Or should I just stick with two browser tabs.