How to remove groups from Zammad?

(Full server setup can be found here.)

I’m trying to find where I can remove leftover groups from Zammad (complete purge). I guess what I’m looking for is the correct command for it. I found some commands for removing Tickets and Organizations, but not groups.

Right now it looks like this:

I want to remove the greyed out ones. Please help.

Removal of groups is not trivial and technically a dangerous operation.
It’s only possible via rails console and requires you to ensure that there are no group references anywhere in Zammad. This does not just cover tickets, but also overviews etc.

To save copy cats from nuking themselves my cryptic solution may help you, if not, I’m sorry.
.destroy will remove entries, possibly using .find_by(name: '<group-name>') should be a good choise.

I’m sure you’ll figure out the required order and object.

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