How to integrate reference information troubleshooting hints in Zammad?

We are currently looking into integrating things like reference information, work instructions, troubleshooting hints and/or diagnostic steps into Zammad, so agents can quickly lookup information on how to troubleshoot specific issues by themselves.

We could put this information in the Knowledge Base as internal articles, but some of this is not information which should be used in direct communication with customers, e.g. highly technical (backoffice/backend/application) information to assist the agent in determining root causes of issues and possible troubleshooting directions.
This might also make the KB overflow with information which should only be used as reference, making it difficult for the agents to find the proper responses when using the ?? search function.

I am wondering how others manage this. Do you utilize specific functions in Zammad or do you have a separate platform for this sort of documentation and work instructions, e.g. a Wiki? How do you link information efficiently for your agents?

I don’t think the usual info template is relevant here, the only important information is that we’re running Zammad v5.2.1.

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