How do you handle spam?


I handle Spam filtering on the E-Mail-Server side. My server filters those E-Mails and puts E-Mails it thinks it’s Spam into a own mailbox “maybejunk”.

Zammad fetches the normal mailboxes plus maybejunk - I have a SPAM-Queue that doesn’t send any notifications (to reduce noise). If I have a false positive I put it into the right group - if it is Spam I have a macro I can use that marks the ticket as closed and puts it into a “invisible” group “deleted spam”

This group gets checked by a scheduler job I created twice a week (if group = deleted spam and state = closed => delete)

I think zammad cannot block E-Mails on it’s own, but I may be wrong here as I do not use zammad to receive and send E-Mail directly.