Forward a ticket to a 3rd party API for follow-up

  • Used Zammad Version 5.1.x
  • Subscribed hosted Zammad

I’m new to Zammad community and hope this is the correct category for my question. If not, please tell me where to post a question like this.

I need to implement the following workflow into our subscribed Zammad:

An existing ticket should be sent to a 3rd party API for follow-up if the ticket is marked with a specific tag.

The 3rd party API is used to POST only selected data of the ticket, not all data of the ticket. And the 3rd party receives further customized metadata separately from the ticket content.

How can a solution for this workflow look like? Any hint in which direction I should research would be very helpful.

One possible idea that comes to my mind is:
Configure a Zammad webhook that informs an endpoint on one of our servers to send ticket#nnn to the 3rd party. Means there is an app (Javascript or PHP) on one of our servers that gets informed by the Zammad webhook, reads the necessary ticket#nnn data via the Zammad API, adds some customized metadata and then sends it on to the 3rd party API.

Would that be a solution? Is there a more elegant idea?

Is it possible to upload / integrate a script in our subscribed hosted Zammad version, to execute it with a trigger or by manual click, in order to realize the above-mentioned workflow?

I’m open to any idea and very grateful for any tip for a solution.

Zammad does not natively support sending specific data in specific formats to third parties.
It’s all or nothing, webhooks are the relevant part for you in that case:

Thanks for your reply, that confirms I’m on the right track with the webhooks.