Filtering of HTML

I am working on WYSIWYG editor for Zammad Knowledgebase and it seems like Zammad is filtering out <span> elements. Can anyone confirm and shed some light on where this happens / how it can be overridden?

This is done by Zammads Sanitizer.
Most of the relevant parts, in theory, life here:

however, please note that you should be super careful with adjusting this part of Zammad, because many sanitizings are there for specific reasons to ensure that your Zammad keeps on running.

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Agreed! Sanitization is very important!

I found the configuration file which dictates what’s allowed, and I see that span and span>style>color is already whitelisted. So this example for red text should work, but the span tag gets stripped out; any ideas?

<div contenteditable="true" id="396033_translation::content::body" data-name="translation::content::body" class="richtext-content ">
<p><span style="color:red;">This is RED text!</span></p>

You’re proberbly looking at develop code. If you’re instance is using stable code (which I suggest to do!) it won’t work. Wait for the next Zammad release or switch to develop (not recommended)

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But, we are having an issue with a specific ticket that gets logged from an automated source. It is a rather large HTML file and we get 75% failure rate on them.

Would it be possible to modify the PROCESSING_TIMEOUT = 20 variable to something like 60 to help remediate this issue?

Unfortunately we have no control on the source formatting (even though they should just ship it in CSV attached, they insist on sending via HTML)

Would the only downside to this be that tickets take longer before they show up in the platform? or would it only have an effect on tickets that need the longer processing time?

The ones that process as expected work well, but the current high failure rate is not great.

The biggest issue is that we then use these tickets to trigger a webhook and subsequent workflow. So they are needed.

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just giving this a bump to see if we can get some clarification on this?

@MrGeneration im not sure if you saw my reply bumping this 2 weeks ago. But hoping that you see this one and can provide some direction on it?