Feature request: request to change field to allow for entering driving distance per ticket article

No need to say Zammad is brilliant. But I lack a bit of functionality.

In usecase parlance: as a user I sometimes have the need to enter driving distance with a ticket article so I can generate a bill each month that accounts for both time and distance driven.

I can extend ticket objects, but not ticket article objects so adding an attribute to a ticket article is not an option.

I finally figured out a possible workaround for this so I can administrate driving distance per ticket article if I happen to spend time outside the office. The time_unit field in ticket_time_accountings is numeric(6,2). I could enter the distance as the part after the decimal separator for distance up to 99 units (Km, miles).
Of course later I have to split the field and sum separately.

My request would be to change the field to a float. I think the performance impact is nil but it allows for distances larger than 99 (meters, Km, miles) to store.

Looking forward to what the Zammad devs think about this one :slight_smile:

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Personally I wouldn’t like a distance value being coupled with a comma seperated value.
This is anything but intuitive and proberbly will cause more harm then use for existing users.

If you’d really need a distance to be documented during the time accounting dialogue, I’d prefer a second text field which allows you to do so. But that’s my thought.

Currently you could workaround this stuff with a custom object. Yes, this forces you to add values together on your own, but would allow you to ge tthose information from objects. If that’s no option, you may fiddle a plugin that extends your stuff if needed.

I’m not yet sure if this is a development question or a feature request. If it’s the second option, feel free to change the category to custom development. :slight_smile:


Yes, I am not happy with my solution either. It is more of a dirty workaround than anything else.
If I could program in Ruby I could maybe try to copy the functionality of adding attributes to objects to the ticket_article objects. But I can’t (yet. Oh, if only there was more time :slight_smile: ).