Feature request: Gamification

We’we began using Zammad recently and so far think it’s a great Ticketing Tool. What would be awesome would be a gamification like eg. Freshdesk has got, that will allow agents to score points for answering many tickets in a certain amount of time. It’s something that really motivates agent’s and would most likely improve productivity.

Just my personal opinion:
Glamification is great for community boards to achieve a more active community - but when you have agents for a ticket system, you mostly will also pay them. I mean sure motivation is important even during work…

But… I am not sure if a ticket system is the right thing to motivate people. I mean you could take the dashboard a little bit cheering right now already:

Just my opinion as I said - no offense! :slight_smile:

Let me say it this way… You are not looking close enough :wink:
It’s not public linked, but should work. If you now how to call it :stuck_out_tongue:

We need to integrate it a bit more, maybe extend to the dashboard, but it’s already there.



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