Exchange/Outlook Question keep real From-Header

Hi, this is no Zammad-Issue.
Just in Case someone had the same Issue using Outlook/Exchange combined with Zammad and knows a solution, I want to ask here.

I send an outgoing mail from Zammad. As seen in raw-emails the from-header is correct (agent + via + system-name). But because the zammad-email is configured in our Active Directory & exchange, Outlook just shows the DisplayName from AD/Exchange, instead of “Agent via System”.

Does someone have an idea how to change this behavior of Outlook?
We had some ideas but nothing helped yet.

In Short: When an email is sent from zammad internal (to a user in our organization), his Outlook displays the from-field as “company name”. Instead of this, we want Outlook to keep the original/real from-text like “agent via company name”. Because right now the agent name is only visible in email signature.

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