Email template customization

Hi, in around 2018 I set up Zammad to evaluate – and ended up not using it and building something custom instead :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Now five years later I moved to a new company, we needed a support solution, and we’ve set up Zammad, so I’m back.
Full disclosure: I also have a “history” with OTRS, but that is 10 years ago now :expressionless:

Anyway, I noticed something that annoyed me.
The default ‘ticket update’ notification looks like this:

Hi Michiel,

Ticket (This is the title of the ticket) has been updated by "Max Mustermann".

But I find that notification ugly, first of all, the title is between (), why is that? and second of all, the name of the person who updated the comment is between quotes. That makes it seem like they are not real but “pretending” or so. I noticed many of the other notifications are also styled a little like this, for instance the “login from a new device” notification or so, where the timestamp is between quotes.

I found I can modify the ticket texts in app/views/mailer/ticket_update/en.html.erb, and that I can move the content to a file called *.custom as explained in System Notifications — Zammad documentation

I have a few questions:

  • Is it correct that there is no comfortable GUI for editing the texts? In OTRS, all texts could either be modified in the GUI or via the venerable ‘sysconfig’
  • Is there already a way to limit the amount of available languages in the system? I do not look forward to customize X notifications in Y languages. See Best way to make configuration persistent for my original question…
  • Do you agree that it would make sense to remove the () and the “” from the original templates, and would you welcome a pull request for this?