Elasticsearch 7.5.0: Searching is slow using searchbar while using KB search is pretty fast

Hi guys,

I noticed that since my upgrade to ES 7.5.0 searching became real slow using the searchbar. Before my upgrade from 5.6 to 6.8.0 to 7.5.0 the searching hits were shown pretty fast while I was typing my search word into the searchbar. Now I often get a spinning wheel. Besides that when I use the Knowledge Base search the same searching hits are shown pretty fast. With ES 7.6.0 the problem still exists.

Did you notice similar behaviour?

Greetings jackzone

Hey @jma,

nothing like that happening on my setup. I went from 5.6.x to 6.8.x first and after a few weeks from 6.8.x to 7.6.x.

I guess it’s not really necessary but i dropped all my indices before every upgrade and did a rebuild with the new es version to have a “clean” start.


Zammad 3.3 will improve the search speed significantly :rocket: Release is planned for next week. Would love to hear about your experience after the update.


@svnr-dvnkln: thanks for your input. I tried to drop the indicies too, but there was no improvement.

@thorsteneckel: great to hear! So at the moment there are some performance issues with ES and the searchbar? As said before, when I use the KB searchbar the hits are shown pretty fast.

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