Documentation changes

Dear community,

during the last months we’ve been working hard on our documentation(s).
The first step was our User Documentation which has been rewritten completely.

Now, System-Documentation and Admin-Documentation followed.

What changed?
The change might not appear too much, but cleans up the documentations a lot. zammad-documentation is now a sole System administrator documentation. This means, that this documentation does no longer hold any WebApp-Administration information. (So only console and API action here :sunglasses: ).

All further Administration inside of Zammads WebApp can now be found in Zammad Admin Documentation.
Please note that the Admin-Documentation still is work in progress, as some parts might be outdated or still be missing. We’re working on that :muscle:

So here’s a list:

As always, Feedback is highly apprieciated and welcome! If you find any errors, feel free to create Pull Request and hints about what’s really missing. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day :rocket:


Good news - the User documentation is now available in German :confetti_ball:

Feedback is welcome! :slight_smile: