Developing a new Integration

I made a local installation and developed a custom model Webhook. It works if I populate the database directly but I’m struggling in making some custom settings page. I would like something similar to the System->Integration panel, allowing users to input multiple webhook endpoints, and choose for which events they should fire.

Is there any resource where I can find some documentation about this?

Wow what a support.
Every issue on github you shout ppl to go to the community, then zero answers.

Chose the wrong product, not moving to the paid version anytime soon.

This is a community driven project.
If you require commercial grade support, you gfotta insert a coin and contact us at sales [at] zammad [dot] com.

Honestly, you can’t expect to anyone jumping in right away.
We’re all doing this beside our regular workloads and our community members do thnis beside their other work they have.

With that attitude it will get hard to motivate people to help you.

Not sure about how a community driven project is supposed to grow if there is no documentation on how to develop something new.

I never asked for commercial support, and spamming the sales email to a community memeber asking for help on how to contribute does not motivate me either.

Thank you for the clarification anyway, I got an indirect reply: there is no documentation.

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Without documentation, this is a reverse engineering driven Project