Customise knowledge base portal

I’m looking the simplest way to customise “/help” portal, I suppose the only way is to edit core files available here
I need to add some HTML and modify from ground CSS.
Can you guide me where to look for specific files related to public KB portal?
Do you plan to add feature for portal customisation like is available in Freshdesk?

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In general we’ll need to differentiate here.
You can add custom css by creating your css file within app/assets/stylesheets/custom.

Most of the relevant templates for the knowledgebase (public) should life here:

However, as I’m no developer I’m not too sure. You may need to fiddle around.
Don’t forget to precompile the assets afterwards: zammad run rake assets:precompile

You can find all knowledgebase related issues here:

And yes - we do have a backlog enhancement issue for this regard (#2847)