CTI non global - User targeted

Good day!

I am looking at integrating our phone system.

I have got the CTI working. However I can only get all calls to show to everyone. I want to be able to create a entry on the agents instance once they’ve answered the phone.

Is there a way to stop CTI globally showing?

Thank you

This will only be possible if your agents have individual phone numbers or small groups that share one number, not if you only have one hotline number that rings for every agent. For individual phone numbers you can map them to individual agents in Settings → Integrations → CTI → Caller Log Filter

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That part seems not working proper - or I did something wrong :frowning:

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That’s not possible. The CTI entry is being created as soon as it’s “ringing”.
A look into our API for the CTI might help you to understand the process better.