Creating a new ticket number format

It is possible to create a new format to generate the ticket number. For example: Year-Counter?

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I know that there are two formats:
Increment (SystemID.Counter)
Date (Year.Month.Day.SystemID.Counter)

My question is if I can create another format, an ABC format
ABC (Year. “-”. Counter)

So get the following result
TIcket # 2020-000001

It’s not possible unless you change code.
That action is not update save and proberbly a bit trouble some to keep up to date.

Thank you … the same happens in OTRS … but this possibility is important that it exists, to give flexibility of generating the ticket number to Zammad … can you please tell me where I can change this code?

I’m no developer so I’m afraid I can’t.

Possibly @thorsteneckel can help after his winter holiday, so you’ll need some patience.

Hi @fsarria - Yes! It’s possible. You have to change this Setting accordingly:

And add your new Number backend in this folder:

Please note that Zammad can only check for one (the active) backend at a time. So once you change the Backend old Numbers won’t get recognised any longer. It’s generally recommended to define the number format once before you start using Zammad and then stick to it. If you decide to change the Number format you have to merge the newly created Tickets manually into the existing Tickets with the old number format.

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Thanks @thorsteneckel for your answer… I changed the setting file [zammad/db/seeds/settings.rb] and created a new Number backed file in [zammad/develop/app/models/ticket/number]… and restart zammad service [systemctl restart zammad]… but still the additional ticket number format does not appear in the configuration screen