Create a Slack App for Zammad

Since Zammad unfortunately doesn’t have an iOS mobile app with notifications we’d like to use Slack for that. What we want is ideally a Slack app that does the following:

  • Write to a channel when a new ticket is opened with a link to the ticket, but not its content
  • Send private messages via Slack to users when one of their tickets has been updated, together with a link to the ticket.

Unfortunately my tech skills are limited, so I wasn’t able to do it. Can anybody help?

Why not use the progressive WebApp of Zammad 6.0?
Nothing you mentioned indicates that it’s not good enough unless you’re leaving out relevant information on why you would want to do such a sketchy workaround.

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You can already write to a Slack channel on configured situations: Slack Notifications — Zammad documentation

But yes in general you can use the new mobile-view on your mobile device as a PWA (in the long term maybe also with native notifications, but there are currently not available).

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