Consider to change from osticket to zammad

Hi Community,

I am just evaluating migrating from osticket to zammad. We are a it-company and using osticket since many years. The main intension is because there is a possibility to connect 3cx PBX (GitHub - Mancy/Zammad_3CX: Contact Lookup and Automatic creation in Zammad and GitHub - qmexnetworks/3cx-zammad-bridge: Monitors calls in 3CX and forwards this to Zammad) and made notes and tickets directly from the call. Did anybody of you have experiences with one of these integrations?

Is it possible to migrate all the data from osticket to zammad with the migrator? (including custom fields)

At our company it is usual by creating a ticket to send out a link to the correspondent ticket where the customer can simply see all the details without login in. That means they click on this specific link and can create answers and so on. I heard this is not possible in zammad – is this correct?

What do you say is the main reason to change from osticket to zammad?

Thanks for your answers!

Any replies would be very cool.

Hey aquilaxx,
I can only answer some of your questions:

  1. 3cx + zammad integration: I don’t have any experience with this integration but I don’t see any problems with this integration. We are a 3cx gold partner and therefore I can tell you that the 3cx crm integration usually works just fine. My personal oppinion is that it does not makes sense to create customers in zammad from a phone number.

  2. migration to zammad
    I don’t have any experience with the provided migrator. I made one year ago a migration from freshdesk to zammad and I used the well documented api and pushed everything from freshdesk to zammad. So my suggestion would be: try the migrator, if this does not work use the zammad api.

  3. I don’t fully get your point that the customer can not see the status of the ticket directly. I observed that zammad is quite flexible at this point. You can interact with your customers just by email and trigger at any time an automation to inform the customer. On the other hand you could give your customers web access and they can see everything via webbrowser. So I think zammad will fullfill all your requirements.

  4. I don’t know osticket but I know many cloud based ticket system. Zammad is by far the most intuitiv and most logically solution I found. We are were happy to use zammad.

Please explain 3 a little bit more and I will try to help you.

Best regards

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