Community feedback: translation of variables

Currently, when you use attributes in triggers (and alike) the values and display names are always used in English. Or to be more precise, in the “source language”; which is English for all default attributes and whatever language you used, when creating your custom attributes.

I actually want them to be translated, but there are some challenges. Actually one challenge: what language to use? I have several ideas about that, and I would like to have your opinion on it.

1.) Always use the default language in the “Brandings” setting.
2.) Make it globally optional to use the default language, used in the “Brandings”-setting.
3.) Add an option to the trigger if “source language” or “default system language” should be used.
4.) Add an option to the trigger on what language to be used.
5.) Add an option to the trigger on what language to be used, add two other possibilities “source language” and “default system language”.

My own thoughts on some of these options:
1.) This can be a breaking change. It will translate all existing triggers for existing instances. This might be a good breaking change, as long as no external parsing of emails is done, related to the generated e-mails of the triggers.
2.) To prevent the possible breaking change of 1, this would help. But it also increased the complexity of the feature, maybe in a way that is not needed.
3.) It’s a sleaker solution compared to 4. and 5. But not as flexible.
4.) I prefer 5 over 4.
5.) This would be the most flexible solution but also increases the complexity of triggers significantly. They already got WAY MORE complex with Zammad 6.

I want to point out, that I am not in a position to make anything of the above happen, but having the opinion of the community would be super interesting to me, once I try to find allies within the Zammad world :wink: Especially give me some feedback if option 1 would be a breaking change for you, or not.

To sum that up, what solution would you prefer and why? Do you have any specific thoughts on one or some of the solutions? Would Option 1 be a breaking change for you?

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