Click to call API

The docs mention the possibility to initiate calls from within Zammad, see

Unfortunately I don’t see this documented anywhere. Where are API docs for that?

I want to implement a 3CX Integration.

Maybe @martini can help here. :slight_smile:

Hi @jampy

currently calls are initiate by a tel: url (via the browser/desktop client).

Any successions to improve that?


Ah, I assumed there was an API.

How to improve? Maybe allow an option to call an external link (target=_blank or popup) based on templates ([userid]&number=[phonenumber]&contact=[name]) would help a lot.

3CX is supposed to handle tel: links but that does not work in recent Windows releases:

By using a HTTP link would allow to jump right into the 3CX web client (similarily for other PBX)

Other (awesome) option would be a generic plugin system for Zammad that could react on some JavaScript event right in the UI. But I guess that is much more work as it involves designing a plugin mechanism :wink: