Clarification about the active flag

There isn’t much documentation or explanation on exactly what the active flag of users is for. Couple that with the fact that there is no obvious way to delete a user or organization means that some people are using the active flag as a way to marking users/organizations as “deleted”.

To clarify, the ability to delete users and organizations is coming soon via issue #2074. Once a user is deleted they can no longer login or create tickets.

The active flag, on the other hand, is purely a visual indicator that carries no restrictions on what that user can do. The active flag is meant to be used by admins as a visual label to mark the “probationary” status of particular users. You are free to define exactly what that “probationary” status means in your use case.

Additional to the delete user feature, we will also be adding the feature of allowing admin accounts to delete users to comply with EU GDPR regulations. All personally identifiable information of deleted users will be wiped from the Zammad database in that case.


Just a quick status update on the ability to delete users. One of our developers, Ryan Lue, is working full time on this feature and its release is coming soon.