Chat WebSockets API Documentation

In the company I work, we have been using Zammad for ticket management and other useful features. We also have android/ios native apps, where we would love to integrate the zammad chat feature. I noticed you provide a javascript integration, but this is not possible to use in android, not even inside a WebView.
We are willing to implement with our own logic the chat communication, just curious if Zammad has a public websockets API for the chat feature. Any help will be appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


We are willing to contribute to the Zammad team with a Zammad Chat Integration for Android and iOS.

@thorsteneckel might help you at this point, when he found time

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Hi folks. I moved the thread over to the Development category since this is more about the internals of Zammad and the lacking documentation.

However, I posted a short introduction earlier on how to initialize a WebSocket connection and the existing backends. Please let me know if there is more information needed. I’m happy to help.


Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, I removed your URL as I couldn’t find any relevance to Zammad.
Looked fishy to me.

It was spam. Blocked the user and deleted the post.