Change customer bassed on subject line of email

We are looking for a way to auto change customer based on email details.

So we have uploaded our customer database into Zammad, so we have that ready to go. Our issue is we are receiving emails from our call center that is taking down all the customer information and helping them with customer support before it ever gets to us. When our call center sends us the email Zammad will created a ticket in the system with the call center as the customer. I am looking for a way to auto change the custom from the call center to the actual customers information.

My thought is to have the customers account number as the subject line of the email from the call center. I need Zammad to read that subject line and auto associate that ticket to the correct customer.

Is this possible? Anyone know how to pull this off?

Thank you.

That’s not possible.
Imho the cleanest option possible is to request your call center to either use a specific form (which could utilize Zammads API) or, even easier, to set a correct Reply-To header.

Zammad allows you to react differently (globally seen) depending on your use case for said reply to header: Settings — Zammad documentation

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