CC recipient of a ticket

How can I enter other customers as CC in a ticket? We sometimes have external service providers who have to be informed when a customer replies to a ticket.

The external service providers must also be able to respond to a ticket.

Similar to an e-mail with multiple recipients.


You can simply click on the “reply” button and add the desired address on the Cc: field.


@rsysadmin Thank you for your answer. I don’t see any possibility to add a CC entry.

hi @MMK

hmm… weird… when you click on the test message: “Hallo David…” you should see both a “reply” and “reply all” options.

Can you please try that?


It looks like you haven’t set up an e-mail channel correctly—i.e., there would also be a mail symbol and, as @rsysadmin said, options to ‘reply’.

I’d recommend double checking the documentation: Email — Zammad documentation

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OK. Thanks. Then I will first set up an e-mail connection. Didn’t know that this is absolutely necessary for the CC receiver.

It’s not just necessary for sending mails via CC, but also for sending emails to your customers in general!
The group settings will then decide if and from what mail address you can send.

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