Calendar appointments

I just installed Zammad on my server and am loving it so far. Fantastic work to all concerned.

I linked my Zammad calendar to my NextCloud calendar as mentioned at iCal Integration | Zammad Features

However I cannot find anyway to add anything to the calendar. Im probably missing something obvious.

I would like to be able to assign an appointment for a ticket to a time/date so it shows on my calendar as needing to go and do a job related to that ticket. Is that possible?


No. The calendar URL of Zammad is read only and only provides some sort of ticket “feedback” based on the scope you’ve chosen. It’s not meant to add further information.

Thanks, is there any documentation or info about what this feature actually does?

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No I’m afraid not.
It’s basically a read only calendar that shows the tickets for e.g. pending reminder (to the moment they’re pending to) in your calendar. This is supposed to help plan your day better if you will.

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