Builds in develop channel not up to date


Hi all,
This is not a real question regarding developement but I’m using the dev branch in a test environment. And since 27 days (last entry #3597) the builds are stuck.
Will this be solved or do I need to switch to another channel?



Hi @Bada - thanks for letting us know. This is kind of embarrassing… I informed my colleagues and we will resolve it. We’ll let you know!


It’s a issue. See hopefully it’s fixed ASAP. Let’s wait.


Thanks for quick reply.
So I’ll sit and wait :slight_smile:


A few days went by but obviously it’s still not solved. They deleted newer uploads, but since 1 day they’re starting again uploads which will never finish:


Since there is still no change at all I would ask if it’s possible to switch from develope to stabel channel without any problems and what the steps are.
Has anyone experience with htis procedure yet?


I just noticed that stable branch is now affected, too :scream: - I already added a tweet.

Regarding your question: A downgrade to stable is not possible because the database schema will have likely changed :confused:


Thx for information.
Will a change to stable be possible once the version is also 2.9 ?


Yes! When we release a new stable version it will get branched off of develop.


It seems that the issue is resolved. stable is up to date again and develop is catching up. Only 9 days behind :raised_hands:


Looks pretty fine. Let’s see whether it’s working or not.


Just a short success.
Now they’re stuck again. Neverending story. I think I’ll wait for the next stable release and switch.