Branching model?

The docs state that the master branch is “Current unreleased development state of next stable minor release”, however the master branch hasn’t been updated since version 2.6 last year.

Since the broken commit in I realized I really shouldn’t be tracking develop :slight_smile: Luckily I caught it on my test system.

I see the stable branch is more up to date, but there is this weird PR that makes me question if stable is actually a normal branch?

Which branch tracks the latest production-ready release?

The PR you referenced was some totally wrong gone PR.
We closed it without merging.

stable is the normal stable Branch and thus the most current productive branch, while develop is the current develop pre-release Branch. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up at any point, I created an issue to not forget to fix that documentation part :slight_smile:

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Thanks @MrGeneration :smiley:

Before I hadn’t seen stable, only master and develop. master is obviously quite out of date, so I was using develop. Now I can use stable as the basis!

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